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Haflinger AS Classic Slipper are super lightweight unisex slippers which will keep your feet super warm in the coldest weathers. These slippers are imported and they have specially been designed to deliver your excellent comfort and durability at the same time. They have been made from the carefully chosen materials which are long lasting and they have amazing ability to keep your feet warm. The slipper have the ability to block the cold from penetrating the slippers from upper and from outsole to deliver you maximum warm wearing. The top built quality of these slippers makes them very durable and long lasting so you can enjoy them for very long time. These slippers have the upper made from the boiled wool which is lightweight and it blocks the cold weather to penetrate the slippers from outside and it also blocks the warmth inside to escape the shoe. The easy to wear slip on silhouette allows you to wear these cozy slippers quickly. They can be used indoor as well as for the quick trip to the corner shop. The insole has been made from the double felt and latex. The insole has been designed to mold as per the shape of your feet to give you custom fit and it also keeps you feet highly comfortable. The outsole of these slippers is made from the rubber which is flexible, durable and it has been wrapped with the felt. The outsole is designed to provide you excellent grip on various types of wet and dry surfaces for skid free and secure walking. The footbed has excellent arch support which maximizes the comfort and deliver easy long time ride. They weigh only 6 ounces as per size 7 which is super lightweight as compare to most of slippers and sandals. You can find this style in these colors: Navy, Natural, Grey and Black.


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Style Reviews

Colleen from Kansas

I discovered this brand years ago when shopping at a shoe store in Kansas. I have loved them ever since buying my first pair. The slippers are just a dream come true. My feet are usually cold in the fall, Winter, and Spring. They are so comfortable and they keep my cold feet at just the right temperature. They are never too hot or cold. The material they are made of is very durable. The first pair I bought took a good 8 years of wear before they were "shot." I did a small amount of hand mending to the soles where the thread had tore. I didn't know if I would ever find another pair of this wonderful style. This year I found them on the an online site! I was so excited, I ordered 2 pair, one navy the other brown.

Debra from San Jose, California

I was happy to find these again online. I have owned a pair for about 10 years now. My first pair were a perfect fit and had more of a black leather sole. They are the original grey color. I was not able to find that same color when I ordered these two pair. I had to wear a size bigger than my normal size this time. I gave the other pair to my mom whose shoe size is one size smaller than my own. She loves them and says they are the most comfortable pair she has ever worn. I enjoy the ones I just ordered. I would like to find the original grey with the black sole again however. The service was very prompt and I will probably order another pair soon.

Ryan L. from Chicago, Illinois

While I'm definitely in love with the softness, breathability, and general comforting feel of good-quality wool, I remain somewhat perplexed as to why the makers decided to leave the seam of the foot cover resting directly against the top of the foot. However, I like the feel of soft wool against my bare feet, especially when they've been cold all day from riding bicycles in the snow and deep cold. It's annoying really that the seam - rough and unfinished - lies against bare skin. Overall, though, in terms of comfort - mold to the foot, warmth - and the beauty of the soft sole, I'd consider another purchase.

Gail from Scottsdale, AZ

This is probably the most comfortable slipper I've ever owned. They run a little small, I had to return the 40 and get size 41, but now they are just perfect. They have great arch support and are cozy and warm. I've worn them in a very cold climate on the East Coast during the holidays (and blizzard) and in Arizona where the temperature is more moderate. Felt great in both environments! I love the color too, purple speckled. It's darker than it appears on the website. I've owned their boiled wool clogs before, they lasted me 10 years! These slippers appear to be well made too. I don't think you can go wrong with them.

Kristyn from Rhode Island

I severely sprained one ankle this summer, then did something painful to the other foot (probably while overcompensating). My physical therapist friend told me to give up my barefoot ways and start wearing supportive shoes around the house. She mentioned this brand. I was skeptical when they first arrived as they are soft (what support could they possibly offer?) but after a few days the pain eased tremendously. I never take them off now. In fact, I just invested in their clogs for outside, as well. I normally wear a 9 1/2 or 10, and the 41 was perfect. I also have narrow feet and these slippers are just right. (The clogs are slightly looser than the slippers, but winter is coming...I'll wear thicker socks.)

Sandy from Austin, TX

Both my husband and I love these and have worn them for many years. Whether we need them or not, we both get a new pair every year because we wear them from the minute we walk in the house. They feel good from the first time you put them on (even if they appear a bit snug), but within several wearings they've conformed to your feet and feel absolutely wonderful. They are the only slipper I've found with a true arch support. We live in Central Texas where its hot the majority of the year, but we wear them year around because the wool keeps your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Even though they are somewhat expensive, they are by far well worth your money. Over time they do loosen up a bit, but will tighten up some when washed - just throw them in the wash. I can't say enough good things about this house shoe. We would wear them 24 hours a day if we could (you can get the indoor/outdoor, but we prefer the softer sole). 5 star rating from me!!!


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