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Haflinger Calypso are the colorful, warm and highly comforting slippers. These slippers can be used indoor and they can also be used to get the newspaper or mail from the driveway. They have extremely lightweight construction from very durable materials. These materials are machine washable so you can bring back the elegant and box packed looks to these slippers easily. The combination of super warm materials ensure that your feet say maximum warm during cold and hard winter temperatures. The upper has been made from the sturdy, durable and super soft wool which can be washed in the machine. This upper has the ability to prevent the cold from getting into the slippers to keep your feet super warm. The upper has super colorful looks which makes these slippers very attractive. The slip on construction enables you quick on and off wearing for easy indoor use. The interior has been lined with super soft material which wick the moisture away from your feet to keep them odorless, healthy and dry. The interior also helps in keeping the interior warm by preventing the cold to penetrate the slippers. The footbed has been made from the cork and it has the arch support from the latex. This arch support offers very comfortable and supportive fit and the cork footbed molds as per the shape of your feet to give you perfect and custom fit. The footbed has been wrapped with the wool as well to keep your feet in maximum comfort and warm at the same time. The outsole has been made from the rubber with double felt. This outsole is very flexible and durable. It has been designed to provide you grip on various surface for nonslip and sturdy walking. These slippers are imported and they have overall great built quality. They weight only 6 ounces as per size 8 which is very lightweight in comparison to most of the slippers and sandals available. You can find this style in these colors: Strawberry and Plum.


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Style Reviews

Angie from Mpls, MN

A friend turned me on to this slipper when I was having issues with plantar fasciitis. It provides good support - a slight arch and a cupped heel. I've purchased 2 pair myself and have given many pairs as gifts. Everyone loves them - the colors are great & the sizing is true - it's a great product.

Meg from Clive Iowa

I love these slippers for both winter and summer (because our house is over air conditioned ). They are so warm. I put them on as soon as I walk in and take them off only when getting into bed. The slight arch is wonderful. They are quiet when you walk too, not like another pair I have that sounds like flip/flop when I walk!

Holly from Portland OR

I love these , they stretch to fit my particular foot shape, and my feet feel cozy all year long! I get one pair to wear with wool socks in the winter and another pair that don't get stretched out by thick socks for spring/summer. They have a good arch and provide excellent support. Make sure your dog doesn't find them!

Teresa from NY

I bought my first pair of these in Europe, a few years ago and loved them. They aren't the most stylish things in the world but they are certainly the most comfortable. I always wear slippers around the house and these are perfect in any season. I had previously only worn shearling slippers and I would alternately wear them, then kick them off when my feet got too warm. In shearling, and with other fabrics, your feet sweat. Remarkably, in these soft wool slippers, my feet are always at the perfect temperature. Therefore these slippers never develop an odor and last a long time. They are soft, very comfortable, and durable. (Not to be worn outside because they have a wool sole.) One last thing to note, I am a true size 9.5 and ordered a size 9 (European size 39) slipper. They were snug at first, but stretched a bit and formed to my foot, so I recommend ordering down a 1/2 size. Mine are perfect! (My husband loves his too!)

Alexa from CT

From my 30 year old daughter to my 80 year old mother, we all love the felted slipper. In a short time, it conforms to the shape of your foot, is lightweight in spite of the thickness of the felt, and very warm. Even my husband, who hates conventional men's slippers, has a pair and wears them happily. They're comfortable, don't flap at the heel when you walk, and the rubber sole provides non-slip traction.


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