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Haflinger Charisma are cute, chic and comfy slippers which have been made from the stunningly comforting materials to keep your feet warm, relaxed and comfortable. The materials use in the construction of these slippers makes them very easy to clean in machine to bring back new looks. These materials also helps in keeping your feet warm and comfortable. They prevent the cold weather to enter the slippers and they also keeps the warmth inside the slippers from escaping to ensure super warm wearing during very cold weather. These slippers can be used indoor to keep your feet nice and warm. The upper has been made from the boiled wool which is lightweight and helps in keeping the feet warm. The upper has very cute and elegant flower details along with the cable knit details to make these slippers stunningly beautiful and eye-catching. These slippers are very easy to wear and take off with their slip on construction. The interior lining is comforting and soft to keep the feet abrasion free all the time. The interior lining also keeps the feet healthy, odorless and dry by drawing the moisture off them. The lining also ensures that the feet stay completely warm. The footbed is super soft and comfortable. This footbed has been made from the cork which shapes itself as per the shape of your feet with gradual use to give you very comfortable and personalized fit. The cork also offers shock absorption to reduce the stress on your feet. The footbed has the arch made from the latex to multiply the comfort and deliver stable and supportive walking. This super comforting footbed has been covered with the wool to make it even more comfortable and luxuriously soft. The outsole is made from the rubber which felt and it has tiny dots on it. These dots provide excellent grip on various wet and dry surfaces so that you can get non-skid, secure and sturdy stride. The outsole, insole and upper combine together to make these slippers durable, comfortable and warm. These slippers weigh just 6 ounces as per size 8 which is very lightweight. You can find this style in these colors: Romantic Grey, Lilac, Dusty Rose and Dreamy Natural.


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Style Reviews

Dawn from Shady Side, MD

I had a pair of these before and wore them out. The house I live in has cold floors and I really wanted a good pair of slippers for several reasons, warm the feet, support arches and comfortable soles. I have Achilles tendon problems and these are very comfortable for me to wear. Even after wearing them around the house all day, my feet don't hurt. Boyfriend also has problem feet and finds these slippers very comfortable. He also remarked that slippers in the past have made his feet sweat, and that these keep his feet warm, but not so warm that they sweat.

JoE from South Jersey

I have been wearing these slippers for about 5 years. They are supremely comfortable. They will mold to your own foot very easily as they are made out of wool. They are not too hot nor too cool. Only downside is they tend to last for not much more than one season. The stitching comes apart. Recently, they have begun covering the stitching with a rubbery substance and that has helped greatly but not eliminated the problem. As such, it make them fairly expensive. That said - they are still worth it!

Marcie from Davis, California

The shoe is comfortable, but not long lasting. I purchased a pair and after 8 months of wear the stitching broke, the sole separated, and the heels wore through. For the price, one would expect a little longer shoe life. Haflinger's U. S. importer, Gerda Hoehm, was unhelpful and said the shoe is only warranted for 6 months. I hope you have better luck than I did.

LaVina Bodhaine from Tacoma, Washington

I have worn them for over ten years. They have the best arch support I have ever found. My husband and I both suffer with high arches and have found these to be more comfortable than any shoe. We wear them from sun up till bedtime. We have recommended them to our friends and family, and you can't believe how pleased they have been.

Paul from Chicago, IL

I purchased these slippers because I wanted something that had some arch support that would replicate the custom orthopedic insoles that I'm wearing daily. And these fit the requirements. I'm a size 10.5/11.0 and so I purchased European 44, but found them to be a size to small. Exchanged them for size 45 and the fit like a glove. Very happy with my purchase.


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