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If you are a golfer, you will love the Haflinger Golf Slipper on the first sight. These slipper have been made with perfect attention to detail. They can be used by both men and women. The have been made from warm and lightweight materials so that you can wear them for long time to keep your feet warm without even feeling them on your feet. These slippers can be used indoor and you can also wear them to get mail or newspaper. The upper has been made from the boiled wool which is durable, soft and super warm. This upper blocks the cold outside to keep the interior of the slippers warm and toasty. The upper has the set of gold club on one foot and hole number seven with three ball on the other. This design makes these slippers very unique and trendy. The slip on silhouette enables you to wear and take these slippers off quickly which is perfect for indoor use. The interior lining is soft and it keep your feet free from abrasion by ensuring super soft surroundings. The interior lining also absorbs moisture from your feet to keep them totally dry and healthy. The lining helps in keeping the feet warm by blocking out the cold weather. The footbed has specially been designed to keep the interior very comfortable and warm. The footbed is made from the cork and it has been wrapped with the wool. The cork absorbs shocks as you walk to deliver comfort and it also molds as per the shape of your feet to give you custom fit. The wool wrapping of footbed keeps the feet warm and it delivers additional softness. The footbed has the arch support made from the latex to maximize the level of comfort and give you supportive and stable ride. The outsole is made from the rubber which offers flexibility and durability. This rubber outsole has the ability to keep the grip on multiple surfaces for secure and skid free ride. It weighs just 8 ounces as per size 10 which makes them very lightweight slippers. You can find this style in these colors: Navy.


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Style Reviews

Nique from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I bought these slippers because of the soft soles so that I wouldn't clomp around the house in the morning and annoy my husband. They are really quiet. What sets these slippers apart is the arch support. I have never had a slipper with good arch support before, and these are wonderful. Because they are boiled wool, my feet stay warm but don't get too hot. The seem down the middle was annoying at first, and I almost returned them because of this, but I decided to stick it out, and I'm glad I did. After

Sherbear from Michigan

This is the second pair that I purchased. The original pair which are several years old are still in excellent condition. I had no reason to purchase another pair except that I wanted them in a different color. I have machine washed them over and over and they have held up well. My feet are usually freezing one minute and hot the next - these slippers are so easy to slide on and off that they are just the right option.

Carol from Seattle, WA

I love these! Great support for a slipper. On my feet all day, I wear them working as a private music teacher in a studio where shoes are removed on entering. They have a German clog look with the decorative border, but are a breathable, flexible wool which are comfortable day in and day out. They do run a little large, but that allows for thick socks, if needed.

Stacy from Las Vegas, NV

I love this slipper! I have fallen arches, so walking without an arch support insert in my slipper or shoe is painful and these slippers have enough natural support that I don't have to add in my own inserts. My ankles, knees and back are in alignment and they are fantastically comfortable! I rarely get excited about a product, but these are the best! Though they are slightly more expensive then most slippers on the market, they are worth it due to all of the extra support they provide. I'm so glad to have finally found a slipper that I can wear daily that are amazing!

KSB from West Michigan

This is my second pair. I love them! I have plantar fasciitis in my left foot, so I need some arch support in all shoes including slippers. I have tried many brands and they have the best. They do stretch a little. I ordered a 9 the first time, but because of the stretching ordered an 8 this time and they are perfect. Love them!!


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