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Style Reviews

Sanjo from Tennessee

I wear an 8N so this shoe fits loose without a sock and once it has broken in, it fits a bit loose overall. With that all said this is a very comfortable house shoe and it does not aggravate my plantar fasciitis, which I have to be careful about. Feels good on these cold days. The tiny dots of non-skid on the bottom are a plus. I would recommend this shoe.

Pam from Clarksville, TN

I had been looking for a slipper with arch support due to plantar fasciitis and purchased the soft-sole version. This slipper has a true arch support, yet feels like I am wearing a cozy slipper instead of a shoe. If you have a narrow foot you will probably need to wear a sock with this slipper.

Miss Lanny from Minneapolis, Minnesota

Okay... I am on my third pair of the classic boiled wool slipper in black. (Also have the cork bottom but that is for another review). This is the only slipper I wear around my house. It is super comfortable and it conforms to one's foot shape so it is as comfortable as wearing just a pair of socks. I have neuropathy in my feet so I put a Dr. Scholl's gel insole in my slippers and I am walking on a cloud. They run a bit small--I am an 8.5-9 and I wear a 40.

Zoe from Seattle, Washington

These slippers are so very comfortable no matter the temperature. The wool is soft and soothing to my feet. I have painful feet due to plantar facitis and neuropathy. These are the best slippers I have found for comfort. When new they are snug without socks, later they stretch some in width so I then wear them with socks.

Ken from Howell, NJ

I have purchased many of their styles. They are very comfortable. My only problem is that my large toe always seems to come through the fabric. I wish they would make the toe area a little stronger. As you walk, the toe area gets the most wear and tear. Other than that, they are very comfortable.

Carolyn from Arizona

This is my second pair of classic slippers. My first purchase was 5 years ago at a shoe store. I recently called them only to find out they couldn't order these. Thank God for finding it on online store. Why did I want another pair? Comfort because of the arch and soft wool. My first pair lasted me 5 years with one trip to the shoe repair shop for extra stitching.

KM from Dinuba, California

I purchased this pair for my son. This is the fourth pair I have given as a gift to a family member. Everyone of the them including myself have fallen in love with these slippers. I wear them everyday at home and look forward to putting them on after a day out. My son was delighted with the slippers. The wool is perfect for warm comfortable feet.


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