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Style Reviews

Shari from Gladwin, MI.

Thei is now the favorite slipper in our house. The comfort is #1 and the look and feel of the wool is great. Please know that both sizes I ordered was the exact fit for me and my Mother. We are sold on these. My daughter in Wyoming came for a visit and we (Mom & I) both liked the looks, so now that we have our own we're happy!

Marianne from Sacramento, California

This is the 9th Haflinger Slipper I have purchased over the years ( Some as gifts). The slippers are wonderful. I had ordered a size 44 for my husband who wears a size 11 l/2 narrow. It was too small, but I decided to keep it for myself though its a little too big. I just love these slippers, especially the one with the soft sole. They have a wonderful arch support and they really keep my feet warm in the winter.

Gisela from Keller, Texas

At first, I thought I would be bothered by the seam running down the top but after wearing for a short bit the wool warmed up and contoured to my foot and softened the seam. I do not feel the seam at all now and they are quite comfortable although a little chilly without socks. They appear to be made quite well. I love that they are machine washable. I am quite satisfied with my purchase.

Sara from California

I bought this slipper because one of the reviewers with plantar fasciitis said it was great to have a slipper with support that she could wear around the house. That's what I wanted but this does not have enough support for me. It's better than any other slipper I have tried so I will keep it but I'm longing for good arch support in a slip-on that will support both my feet and back.

Hudson from New York

I ordered these slippers about a month ago and haven't taken them off. I absolutely love them. They will probably feel a touch small at first, but they will stretch a little bit. There is also an inseam running down the middle of the slipper, but that disappears after a few days. I accidentally ordered the charcoal color and intended on returning them as soon as they came, but the color was much more subtle than advertised and I ended up keeping them. Everything you hear is true, they are extremely comfortable and keep your feet warm without sweating. Do not pass up this opportunity, for you will be passing up the best slippers you've ever owned. I am ecstatic with my new slippers and will be a loyal Haflinger customer for a long, long time.

Gabba Dabba from San Rafael, California

I have had these slippers in the past and loved them. Ordering this time -- the first pair had a weird bump in the sole under my foot but fit well so I sent them back, the second pair were extra wide and extra long for the size and one was significantly wider than the other. I know they are handmade, but the quality control person should be fired. I got tired of sending them back and needed slippers, so I kept the second -- they fall off my feet and I'm going to try washing and drying them so they shrink, but I think I'll eventually have to buy another pair. Maybe that's the goal. Hmmmm.

Jeff from Springfield, Missouri

These are excellent house slippers. I opted for the boiled wool classics, and I can tell you they are perfect for me. They do a great job of not being too hot but keeping feet at a comfortable temp without being sweaty. I had memory foam slippers from Brookstone before and liked the cushy feel, but they were way too hot even in the dead of winter.


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