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Haflinger Piggy are the attractive and cute slippers which are ready to keep your feet warm during cold weather. These slippers have uniquely designed upper which will make you fall in love with them instantly. They have been made from the super warm and lightweight materials to ensure comfortable wearing all day long. These slippers are ideal for indoor use and you can also wear them for getting newspaper from the driveway. The upper of these slippers is made from the boiled wool which is super soft, durable and easily washable in machine. The upper prevents the cold from getting into the slippers to keep you feet completely warm and toasty. The upper has the stylish and eye-catching pig design on the top which multiples the elegance of these slippers. The slip on style allows you to wear these slippers easily which is perfect for in house use. The interior lining ensures that your feet stay free from abrasion and in complete comfort. The lining absorbs the moisture from your feet to ensure healthy and dry wearing. The insole is made from the cork which excellent ability to absorb shocks as you walk and it also has the ability to molds as per the shape of your feet to give you perfect fit. The footbed also has the arch support made from latex which offers stable, supportive and comfortable walking. This magnificent footbed has been wrapped with the wool as well to keep the surface under your feet maximum comfortable and very supportive. The outsole has been designed to offer grip on different types of surfaces so you don't slip and get stable walking. The outsole is made from the rubber which is flexible and offers sturdy and smooth ride. These slippers weight just 7 ounces as per size 8 which is very lightweight as compare to most of the slippers available. You can find this style in these colors: Black.


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Style Reviews

M.B. from Chicago, Illinois

I have been buying Classic Slippers for my husband for Christmas for the past 6 years. He likes the supportive insole and warmth of the wool. These slippers are very durable. I wouldn't really need to buy him a new pair every Christmas but I never know what to buy him, and he really likes these.

David from Los Angeles

They are comfortable for in-home use. The material does tend to shed over time, but I can't complain since I think it's the best, and they all probably do that. They are German-made and quality. I've gone through several pairs and wear them all the time when I'm at home.

Gianna from NYC

Not to be giddily hyperbolic, but this is the best slipper ever. It is great looking (I got two pairs, one for me and one for my girlfriend in an especially fetching purple), is very warm, fits fantastically and lets one move about silently. There is nothing I do not like about it and have actually convinced other people to buy their own pairs. No kidding, this is a truly great product.

Patricia from Minnesota

These slippers have been Christmas gifts for all of my in-laws and many of my own family members. My husband and I have worn out at least four pairs each and I have replaced each one. I have a pair for traveling, one at my mother's house, one at home and a spare pair just in case.

Kelly from Athens, Georgia

I have never been a slipper-wearer, but I decided to buy slippers since we moved into a house with very cold hardwood floors. These slippers are incredibly comfortable, and I wear them constantly now. They are warm but not overly hot. I love that they are washable though I haven't needed to wash them yet. I have recommended these slippers to several people already and I will buy another pair for myself when the time comes.

Lisa from Westchester, NY

The women's slipper was an exact fit and was perfect. The men's slipper was a full size too small (ordered a 10 and had to exchange for an 11--which is not the norm for my husband). I drop them in the washing machine after they've been worn to death and it works out well. Try to avoid the dryer though I'm not really sure why.


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