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Haflinger Quilted are the perfect slippers to use indoor during this winter. These slippers have been made from the materials which block the cold outside to get into the slippers to keep the interior warm. The slippers have unisex silhouette which allows them perfect for men and women. They have excellent built quality which makes them long lasting and durable. These fantastic slippers have the upper made from the boiled wool which is lightweight, durable and super soft. This upper prevents the cold to get into the slippers in order to keep the interior warm and cozy. The easy to wear slip on construction allows you to wear and take off these slippers quickly which is perfect for the indoor use. The lining is designed to trap the warmth inside the slippers and keep your feet toasty. The lining also absorbs the moisture off your feet to keep them dry and healthy. The footbed has been made from the latex and cork. This footbed massages your feet as you walk and give you comfort with each step. The arch support from latex enhances the comfort and provide excellent support. The footbed has been wrapped with the wool as well which increase the comfort, softness and warmth. The outsole is made from the rubber which is lightweight and flexible. This outsole has been designed to provide traction so you do not slip on different types of surfaces. These slippers weigh 11 ounces as per size 9. You can find this style in these colors: Silver Grey, Ink and Captain's Blue.


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Style Reviews

Billy from Steamboat, CO

I live in these slippers the moment I arrive home. They have a soft sole and it is the most comfortable and easy on carpets as well as wood floors. The sole could be stitched with sturdier thread to last longer. The last pair only lasted one year. This slipper needed to be returned for a larger size as it was a full size smaller than earlier pair.

Dianna from Long Island, New York

Despite it's simplicity, this slipper is probably one of the warmest and most comfortable pair of slippers I've ever purchased. I bought them as a gift for my fiancÚ, but I not-so secretly wear them every time he's out of the house! I'd wear them more often, but he slips them on as soon as he comes home. They are great slippers, fantastic arch support, warmth and, most importantly, they're unbelievably comfortable. I can't wait to get my own pair!

Anne from Iowa

I have been wearing these exclusively for about 8 years. They have just a bit of support that makes my tired feet feel refreshed after a day of work and keep them just warm enough. I replace them annually, not because they don't wear well, but because I wear them every single day all year long. They are the best!

Hard to please, finicky, don't settle for less than great from Maui

I'm so glad to have these slippers. Rather than have the $15 kind that wear out in three months, fall off your foot etc, these are just what the reviews promised to be. They are very comfortable, they are light weight, they DON'T fall off my foot. Thanks to the reviewer who cautioned not to get them over my size. My foot Measures on a ruler, 10.5", I usually have to get 11.0 or 11.5 Wide, so I got the slipper in size 10 (standard width, which is not wide) and it did stretch out very quickly to become very comfy. they are made of wool, and in the beginning I felt a very, very slight irritation from the wool, but notice nothing now, but if you are super sensitive to wool, you might have some irritation. Again, these are well worth the money, especially for something which I wear every day around the house.

Wendy from Richmond, Virginia

After getting fed up with "bargain" slippers that fell apart, or just didn't feel that great, I decided to purchase Haflinger I'd first seen when a relative received them for Christmas. She had me try them on, and I instantly felt the difference. They were cozy, yet supportive. I didn't want to take them off. The quality of this item is absolutely top-notch, from its construction to the thick wool fabric (that isn't itchy!) to the absolute comfort. I also love the fact that, especially in the case of my "purple speckled", they're different from run-of-the-mill slippers -- yet still classic and not over-the-top crazy. I'm glad I discovered their products. I know I'll be back for more.


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