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Look good and keep your feet super warm during winter with the Haflinger Vino. These slippers have very cute and eye-catching designed which will make you wear them all time. They have been made from the lightweight and long lasting materials which can be washed in the machine to give these slippers out of the box looks once again. These slippers are so lightweight that you will barely feel them on your feet. They have soft and comfortable upper made from the boiled wool which blocks the cold weather outside to keep your feet warm inside. They upper has very elegant design of grapes on one slipper and a glass of vine on the other. These designed makes these slippers very attractive and unique. They can be wear and taken off in a jiffy with their slip on construction which is perfect for indoor use. The lining keeps your feet warm and toasty and it also absorb moisture off your feet to give you dry and healthy wearing. The footbed is made from the cork and the arch support is made from the latex. This footbed absorbs shocks as you walk to maximize the comfort level and provide best support. The footbed has been covered with the wool which massages your feet and enhances the warmth. The outsole is made from the rubber with double felt. This outsole is very lightweight, long lasting and durable. It offers grip on various surfaces to ensure skid free walking. It weighs 7 ounces as per size 8. You can find this style in these colors: Grey.


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Style Reviews

John B. from Anchorage, Alaska

I bought these slippers primarily because I was having trouble with plantar faciitis, and I'd read a review by someone who felt these slippers helped with the symptoms. The slippers have a high, supportive arch, which I need and which my previous slippers lacked. They're warm, comfortable, and seem very well made. The arch support does seem to be helping.

SueB from Fairbanks, Alaska

I love these slippers. Because of foot problems I needed arch support for around home where I usually went barefooted. These slippers gave me that support. The only problem I had was when wearing them without socks the center seam bothered my toes. They are very warm, so not sure how they will work out for summer use.

NE Woman from Massachusetts

I have been searching for quite some time for a good pair of slippers. I do a lot of cooking so I am on my feet at home quite a bit, and need good arch support in my shoes or my feet and back pay for it later. I have been wearing my sneakers for this, but really wanted slippers. Based on the reviews, I decided to give these a try and boy am I glad I did. They feel great and the arch support is just what I needed. I am curious how they will hold up over time, but for now I consider this one of my best purchases.

John from Ann Arbor, MI

I have had several pairs and find them to be warm and very comfortable. The only problem I have with them is that after some wear, the stitching which holds the sole in place deteriorates. It seems to me that they could substitute nylon stitching to prolong its life.

Renee from Provo, Utah

I have worn these slippers for many years. They are comfortable year round. They work equally well with a sock or without. I sometimes wear a sock in the winter because my feet get cold. For my foot, they run a little big and I was walking out of my typical size so I always order down one size. I have found that after a year or so I get a hole in the toe of the right slipper. Maybe that's due to the way I walk. I especially like the arch support and find that these slippers conform very well to my foot.


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